How do I obtain a permit?

Permits are issued by state, city and county agencies on a case by case basis. You'll find Indiana to be extremely low-hassle with many possibilities for low-cost locations. Contact the Film Indiana office for assistance with all your permitting and location needs.

How do I find information regarding homes or lots that the city or county owns?

Property searches in Indianapolis/Marion County are available for a small fee from IndyGov.Biz.

Is Indiana a "Right to Work" state?

Yes.  Indiana welcomes both union and non-union projects. 

Child Labor Laws - Who has to have a work permit in Indiana?

Minors working as actors, performers and models are indeed exempt from the work permit requirement, as well as many other child Labor laws.  A parent must be present at all rehearsals and performances for a minor under 16.  Also, the duties performed during the course of the performance and/or rehearsals cannot be detrimental to the health or well-being of the minor.

For more information, see child labor permits and restrictions (Indiana Department of Labor).

To qualify for the County Innkeeper's Tax Exemption, does the required stay of 30 days need to be consecutive?


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