Dreams Come True Film Festival

The Season 3 event will become an ONLINE ONLY festival for a couple different reasons: 

(1) We live in a community that has not yet embraced a film festival and our first two seasons (while great for the filmmakers) did not see a nice community involvement, which was very disappointing for us as festival directors. As hard as we worked to put the event together, and as much as we advertised, we cannot force the community to rally behind us and show support for indie films. Kudos to those festivals who have amazing support from their townspeople, but sadly, we are just not one of them.

(2) We tried for over six months to find a great new venue for season three, and sadly, the venues in Terre Haute are just not festival friendly. They were not made to be affordable to a new festival such as ours. And frankly, we just could not afford to rent a venue for a weekend and pay more than we take in. So as sad as it was for us to decide, we feel that trying an online festival for season 3 was the best way to go.

(3) And finally, the sad truth is, filmmakers in general will enter far more film festivals than they can possibly afford to travel to even when they are being screened. With the cost of hotels, fuel, food, and not to mention taking time off work, filmmakers just do not attend all the festivals that they are picked for. This means small, fairly new festivals will constantly see a very low turnout, which again, is very disappointing.

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