LaFF-VIN (Laughter Film Festival – Vincennes, Indiana)

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The Laughing Film Festival, Vincennes, Indiana (LaFF-VIN) is challenging filmmakers to present short and feature films without gore, extreme violence, sexual situations and dirty words. Many people come to the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy and comment that comedy movies are not made like they used to be. The museum would like to present films with Red Skelton’s type of humor. These films would have silly characters, physical humor, non-verbal storytelling, Some films don’t have to be LOL (Laugh Out Loud) funny. Red Skelton’s Freddie the Freeloader sometimes had endings that just made you feel good, at the same time bringing a tear to your eye. Red was a master of silent stories so that people of all languages were able to understand. Mark Kratzner, curator for the museum, has traveled to many festivals where he has seen films that fit this theme. He hopes to present these comedy films to the Wabash Valley. It is up to filmmakers to submit their film to the festival. Filmmakers can find information on the Red Skelton Museum’s web site.

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