Dyngus Day

Team Green


Position Description

My group is seeking two young women of color in the Indianapolis area to act in our final video project for our intermediate video course. The script is called “Dyngus Day” and was NOT written by us. We are looking for two women of color to play “Cherisse” and “Laquanda” (We will speak to our prof. about changing the names if you desire).

Seeking actresses who are comfortable in front of the camera, close to the Indianapolis area, who can work with our schedules and the (very weird) script we were given. Must be available Wednesdays, Sundays, Saturdays for shooting. Schedule yet to be determined.

Please contact me for script and more details.

Project Description

Our final video project required us to select an already written script from four choices. They were all weird. “Dyngus Day” is the title of our selection.

“Dyngus Day” follows Laquanda, a young woman of color with a dream. She is trying her hardest to be accomplished like her sister, Cherisse, who is a several-time pageant and contest winner. Laquanda wants to be a winner so badly, she will go to ridiculous ends, even trying to be the winner of a polish holiday contest despite the fact that she is in no way Polish. The story follows Laquanda’s near silly efforts to win the contest and her conversation with Cherisse as she discusses her feelings of inadequacy and her desire to be a winner for once.

Shooting schedule is yet to be determined. Shooting should go no longer than one-day. All shooting will take place at one location, TBD.

Would like to meet with actresses to do a dry-run before shooting, and also prior to shooting day to do a few readings of the script in character.



How to Apply

For more information or to volunteer email Georgey at hageorge@iu.edu or text at 317-617-5454

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