2 Dogs Productions, LLC


Position Description

2 Dogs Productions, LLC is currently seeking crew members for an upcoming feature film shooting in Central Indiana in June 2021.  Please see the crew positions available below.

COVID Compliance Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities:  maintaining daily logs of cast and crew temperatures along with a detailed log noting all individuals involved in daily productions and scenes.  Monitor social distancing among cast and crew while on production set.  Sanitize production areas as needed, provide safety equipment (PPE) as needed.

Script Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities:  maintaining continuity and detailed log of scenes shot, scene length, blocking, props used, and distancing.  Work with DP as needed.

Prompter / Assistant Script Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities:  Assist talent on set with lines and cues.  Provide rehearsal time for talent as needed.  Work with Script Supervisor as needed maintaining daily logs.

(3) Production Assistants

Duties and Responsibilities:  Supporting cast and crew on set.  Preparing and packing items, securing the production set from public as needed, set up and tear down of talent holding areas, supply runs as needed.

Project Description

TAG LINE:  Glastenbury:  Here Tomorrow, Gone Today.


A quiet afternoon in Vermont’s Glastenbury Mountain is interrupted when a child vanishes.  Now imagine not finding a trace of them.  Filmmakers Chris McDaniel and Craig Whedon follow their paranormal thriller debut DARK GROUND with the Sci Fi Thriller / Drama GLASTENBURY, centering on Tokoda Powers, Sheriff Wilson, Gavin Morgan, Riley Morgan, Deputy Dewgon, and Hopper as they grapple with trying to locate a missing child Benny.  The group embarks on a surreal quest covering Glastenbury Mountain to decode the secrets behind his disappearance, leading them into the murkiest depths of mystery, paradox and suspense.

How to Apply

Please send an email to [email protected] to apply and for any questions.

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