Butler University Capstone Project


Position Description

CHARACTER 1: John- male, early 20s

Description: A young man who is alone in the world and battling depression and anxiety. He has no friends and would rather spend his days inside watching tv than going outside and meeting new people.


CHARACTER 2: DEMON- male, Early 20s

Description: The opposite of john outgoing and fun loving who just wants to introduce himself to everyone. He truly Cares about John and wants to push and motivate him to make friends and be happier.


CHARACTER 3: THERAPIST- no preference towards gender, preferably older

Description: The therapist for John who meets with him and prescribes him the medication.


Project Description

A student short film for a capstone project at Butler University titled “My Personal Demon” the premise is The main character, John is like a 20 something who feels alone in the world. He has depression, anxiety and can’t sleep so to help him his therapist prescribes meds to help. He starts taking these meds and the next day someone dressed in a bad devil costume starts following him around. The person dressed in a bad devil costume is a side effect from the meds and is Johns inner thoughts called demons making him John’s personal demon and helps push John to be more social and happy about things. This makes John happy and he able to make a friend and be ore out going and less anxious but after a fight between the John and the demon. Joh has Tod decided if he wants to take his meds again to see face his demon but before we see if he takes them throws them away it cuts to the black. It ends kind of like the sopranos.

The film is about the feeling of being alone and how those who are alone are often trapped with their “demons”. It also sends a message about the pros and cons of medication as John’s meds help him be happier and sleep better but has side effects in the form of the demon. 

How to Apply

email me at [email protected] to get script and schedule a casting call

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