The Aberrant Shamus

Witten Entertainment


Position Description

Brandon Witten is seeking talent for the short student film The Aberrant Shamus which will be filmed in Bloomington during the week of the 12th. Production will last a single day and only one actor is needed.

The role in questions is as follows:

Male- 30-60

To play Wendell Thompson (an unassuming coffee shop owner/ murderer)


Project Description

The film The Aberrant Shamus is a short detective film being shot for the Double Exposure film event in March. The work itself follows a private detective by the name of Xavier as he attempts to solve a murder in a small town using only his extraordinary investigative sixth sense. This ability however, obscures some of his situational awareness, leaving him unaware the actual killer is an unassuming coffee shop owner who he encounters several times in the film.

How to Apply

Email Brandon Witten

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